We are an association for teachers of natural family planning in Ireland and our aim is to provide the most up-to-date information and scientific research on NFP for our teachers, and to create a raised awareness of the many benefits of natural family planning.

We teach the Symptothermal Double-Check Method, (Multiple Index Method), of natural family planning, a Natural Family Planning Method that uses two fertility indicators to detect both the beginning and end of the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle.

When was the NFPTAI Founded ?

Following the first Teacher Training Course in Ireland in the Symptothermal Double-Check method of Natural Family Planning in 1987, the Natural Family Planning Teachers Association of Ireland was founded in 1988 by Marie Therese Joy RGN, RM and Sheelagh Wickham RGN, RM, both midwives.

This first Teacher Training Course was held in University College Galway in 1987 under the auspices of Prof. Eamon O’Dwyer, Professor of Obstetrics in University College, Galway, and was conducted by Dr Anna Flynn MRCOG and Wyn Worthington SRN, STM (a midwifery tutor). The Symptothermal Double-Check Method of NFP was developed, among others, by Dr Anna Flynn in the mid 1970s.

Our Aim:

The aim of the Natural Family Planning Teachers’ Association of Ireland (NFPTAI) is to organise courses to train Teachers in the Symptothermal Double-Check Method of natural family planning, and to promote the benefits of natural family planning in Ireland.


Membership of the NFPTAI comprises those who have completed the NFPTAI Teachers’ Training Course in natural family planning and includes doctors, nurses, and people with no medical background and also married couples who teach Natural Family Planning as a teaching couple.

The NFPTAI is a Voluntary Organisation and a Registered Charity and was incorporated as a Limited Company in 1990. The NFPTAI is affiliated to the I.E.E.F. which is the European Institute of Family Life Education, (Institut European d’Education Familiale), and is represented on the Reproductive and Sexual Health Committee of the Irish College of General Practitioners, 4/5 Linclon Place, Dublin 2.

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