2013 European Congress of the European Institute of Family Life Education (EIFLE/ IEEF)

The 2013 EIFLE/IEEF (Institut European d’Education Familiale), was held in Paris from 3-6 Oct 2013, in conjunction with the Congress on “Changing the sexual behaviour and eduaction to family life”. Natural Family Planning Associations from many countries in Europe, from Ireland to Russia, were represened at the Conference. A very interesting presentation from a young married couple from Kenya, gave an account of the efficacy of the ABC Programe in combatting AIDS in East Africa. This programes was developed by two religious sisters in Uganda, Sr/Dr Miriam Duggan, a Franciscan and Sr Lawlor of the Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM). The success of this programe in Uganda is shown by a drop of the prevalence rate of AIDS from a peak of 28% to 6% today. This programe is now being used successfully in other countries in Africa including Kenya.

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