Study on NAPRO in Ireland

Dr Phil Boyle’s article on his experience of using NAPRO Technology in treating Infertility, ‘Outcomes from treatment of Infertility with Natural Procreative Technology in an Irish General Practice’ by Stanford, Parnell and Boyle, published in J Am Board Fam Med; 2008; vol 21 (5) 375-384 may be found at You must be registered with Medscape to read the study, but registration is free and straightforward.

The study indicates that NAPRO has similar effectiveness in assisting couples to conceive as ART (assisted reproductive technologies), but is less invasive and has fewer side effects and complications. More research is needed to establish just how competitive NAPRO could be with ART if the cohort of patients were equal; Boyle’s patients tended to be older and to have been trying to conceive for longer than the average patient presenting for ART.

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